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SHORINJI KEMPO NAVI Then not only active kenshi

Non-members who say, "I didn't know Shorinji Kempo" or "I want to know more about Shorinji Kempo"

It will be a site that transmits information to users from a third-party perspective.

Various information on the site

This site will provide you with the following information

■ About Shorinji Kempo

■ NEWS topics (useful articles, etc.)
■ Needs that Shorinji Kempo can solve

■ Enrollment/Visit/Experience procedure

■ Tournament and event information

■ Introduction of official YouTube

■ Past tournament videos and stream distribution

■ Photo gallery

■ Column information

■ Frequently Asked Questions

Listen to an explanation about Shorinji Kempo

Recommended browser

■ Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or higher

Recommended browser for Shorinji Kempo NAVI site

Inquiries on this site

If you have any comments, questions, or problems with this site,
Please use the inquiry form.

Operational management

Tokyo Shorinji Kempo Federation
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