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​Frequently Asked Questions
Three-person Shorinji Kempo

Q.Is Shorinji Kempo Chinese Kempo?

A. Shorinji Kempo and Shorinken are separate organizations.

It is often confused, but “Shorinken” and “Shorinji martial arts”, which are handed down from Songshan Shaolin Temple in China, and Shorinji Kempo are completely different organizations.
Shorinji Kempo was born in 1947 in Tadotsu Town, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Q. Why is it called Shorinji Kempo?

A. Based on the experience that the founder, Doshin So, gained at the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China

Because I wanted to incorporate it as an educational system,

It became known as Shorinji Kempo.


When the founder, Doshin So, visited the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China,

Monks with different nationalities and different skin colors in the Byakuiden (now the Treasure Hall)

I was deeply impressed when I saw the mural paintings of people having fun playing tricks on each other.

In addition, Bodhidharma teaches “Means to train the body” along with “Teachings of Zen”

Because it is said to have been conveyed to Songshan Shaolin Temple,

It was later named “Shorinji Kempo” and was born in Tadotsu Town, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Songshan Shaolin Temple Mural
China Henan Province, Songshan Shaolin Temple's White Coat Hall (now the Treasure Hall)

Q: What is the difference between Shorinji Kempo and other martial arts?

A.In a nutshell, the difference in appearance is that the technique system is very different.

Since both are Japanese martial arts, they practice in the same white uniform, so what is the difference from a third party's point of view? I'm sure you often wonder.

However, since both are different martial arts, for example, karate and judo are different.

The skills you practice are also very different.


In addition, the fact that the element of self-defense, which develops into a counterattack after being attacked by the opponent, is greatly valued, makes it easy to encounter dangerous situations, so self-defense and arrest techniques are required in the job. It is also famous for being adopted as a compulsory subject for "Regulators".

Q.How long does it take to become a black belt in Shorinji Kempo?

A. Depending on how often you practice, you can get it in 2-3 years at the earliest.


In martial arts, including Shorinji Kempo, there are exams that are required in order to complete the number of practice days given and to raise the level.

By passing these practice days and exams, you will be able to acquire the “Shodan”, which is the first step to becoming a black belt.

Anyone can become a black belt holder if they put in the effort, but the result will change depending on how hard they practice and how well they develop a personality suitable for black belts. Years can be difficult to say.

Step up
Shorinji Kempo that can be started by the elderly

Q, can I start even after I'm old?

A: Yes, you can start at any age.

Shorinji Kempo can be practiced with a curriculum that takes age and body into consideration.


Those who have retired from work and have joined for the purpose of exercise
It is not uncommon for a person to pass a black belt and become a rank holder.

Q.Does Shorinji Kempo have matches?

A, there is no match like martial arts. However, the competition is held annually

held several times.

At Shorinji Kempo tournaments, he mainly shows off the beauty of single performances (kata),

There is a group embu (two people form a group and perform a set technique).


Of course, some competitions include randori without protective gear, but the goal is not to win or lose like in a martial arts match, but to practice as usual.

The criteria for evaluation is how freely the results can be utilized.

Shorinji Kempo randori match

Q, ShorinjikenHow much does it cost to start law?

A, the minimum required is the initial admission fee + annual membership fee.You will also need to purchase the uniform and obi.  


In addition, there are club fees for each dojo and branch you belong to,

Since it varies depending on the organization, please ask the manager of the organization you wish to apply for details.

Please ask.

Q, I used to practice Shorinji Kempo. Can I start again?

A. You can resume at any time.

The Shorinji Kempo Group strictly manages the data of each individual kenshi.
You can return to the past no matter how long ago, and you can also restart from the rank or class you obtained at that time.

In addition, if you want to go back to the beginning and start from 1, please consult with the head of the dojo you want to return to.

The Shorinji Kempo Group manages kenshi information
Contact the Shorinji Kempo dojo with your smartphone or iPhone

Q: What is the enrollment method and procedures?

A. Please contact the dojo of your choice,

From the head (responsible person) there

How to join and how to receive the documents required for joining.


*The procedure is described in the document.

If you have any questions, please contact each dojo.

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