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What is Shorinji Kempo?

■ 1947 (Showa 22) Founder So Doshin (1911-1980)

Japanese martial arts founded in Tadotsu Town, Kagawa Prefecture (one of the 9 affiliated groups of the Japan Budo Council)

・Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Narcotics Control Department (commonly known as Asatori) has adopted it as part of its arrest technique.

・In Indonesia, it is accepted by many people.

Tadotsu Town, Kagawa Prefecture becomes the birthplace of Shorinji Kempo.


少林寺拳法は、1947(昭和 22)年に創始者・宗道臣によって自信と行動力と慈悲心を持った社会で 役立つ人を育てる、「人づくりの道」として香川県において創始された日本の武道です。 自分の心と体を養いながら、他人と共に助けあい、幸せに生きることを説く「教え」と、自身の成長 を実感し、パートナーとともに上達を楽しむ「技法」、そしてその教えと技法を遊離させないための「教 育システム」が一体となっています。 人間は大きな可能性を秘めています。少林寺拳法はその可能性 を信じ、物心ともに平和で豊かな社会を築くために行動できる人を育てることを目指しています。



「 拳」は肉 体を、「 禅」は精 神を 意味 しま す。身体 と心 は別 々の もの で はな く、互 いに 影響 を 及ぼ す一 体 の も ので す 。少 林寺拳 法 では 、 身体 と心を 、 どち ら に偏 らせる こ とな く 、バ ランス よ く学 習 する ことを 目 指 しま す


慈 悲 心や 正義 感に 溢れ て いて も、力が なけれ ば 、誰 かの 役に 立った り 、助 けた りす ること は でき ませ ん。 ま た 、ど れ だけ 力があ っ ても 、 誇り や信念 が なけ れ ば、 正しい 力 の使 い 方は できま せ ん。 力 と愛 、理知 と 慈 悲の 調和 こそ 、少 林 寺拳 法の 行動 規範 で す。


少 林 寺拳 法 の技 法は、 不 正な 暴 力か ら身を 守 るた め にあ ります 。 その た め、 まず守 り 、そ れ から 反撃す る 技 法体 系 とな ってい ま す。 ま た、 確かな 守 りの 体 勢を 築くこ と で、 相 手の 弱点を 冷 静に 見 極め 、有効 な 反 撃が でき ると 考え て いま す。


少 林 寺拳 法の 技法 は、誰 か を傷 つけ るた めの も ので はな く、自分や 他 人を 守り 、生 かすた め のも ので す。 少 林 寺拳 法の 技法 は、 人 の可 能性 を実 感さ せ 、成 長の 喜び を味 わ うた めに 修練 され ま す。


少 林 寺拳 法 の技 法には 、 突き ・ 蹴り などに 対 し、 受 け・ かわし か ら当 身 で反 撃する 「 剛法 」 と、 手首を 握 る ・衣 服 をつ かむな ど に対 し て、 抜き・ 投 げ・ 固 めな どで反 撃 する 「 柔法 」があ り ます 。 剛法 と柔法 は 、 互い の特 徴を 生か し 合い 、巧 みに 組み 合 わせ るこ とに よっ て 、効 果を 倍増 させ る こと がで きま す。


少 林 寺拳 法 の修 練は、 二 人一 組 で行 うこと を 原則 と しま す。こ れ は、 相 手の 行動に 適 切か つ 柔軟 に対処 で き る実 戦的 な技 法を 養 うた めで ある と同 時 に、共に 協力 して上 達 し、その 喜び を分か ち 合う ため です。

 Background and history of Shorinji Kempo

■ 1931: "I will not let you die while you are alive"

He returned to Japan once in the previous year and joined the squadron in Kakamigahara in 1930.

However, in 1931 (Showa 6), he was diagnosed with heart valve disease and was discharged.

Despite suffering from valvular heart disease, which was a serious illness with an average life expectancy of 1.5 years at the time,

He returned to China and engaged in dangerous work as a secret service agency.
Seeing So Doshin willingly engage in dangerous work, Chen Liang Roshi realized that he was desperate.

“Who decided that you would die within a year?RuI won't die in between

``While you are alive, you cannot die'' became Doshin So's ``view of life and death''.

Squadron era of the former Japanese army

■ 1947: Shorinji Kempo later became a means of gathering people

​In the beginning, preach the ``way as a human being'' from one end to the other and cultivate human beings who will be useful for the reconstruction of the homeland.I tried

However, idealism alone was not sufficient for young people in those days when violence was rampant.I didn't.
Meanwhile, based on the knowledge of martial arts he learned when he went to mainland China on a mission for the former Japanese military special agency,
He gathered young people and created his own martial arts based on his own theory, focusing on ``self-establishment'' and ``Jita Kyoraku''.

“Educational system for developing human resources”"Shorinji Kempo"named.
This was the moment Shorinji Kempo was born in Tadotsu Town, Kagawa Prefecture.

When Shorinji Kempo was born in Tadotsu Town, Kagawa Prefecture

■ 1911: ​ Born in Sakuto Town, Okayama Prefecture
creationIn his childhood, the founder, Doshin So, saw his father-in-law beating his mother up close.

"Powersave my mother withoutIt is not possible"

I feel frustrated such as.

House where Founder Doshin was born

■ 1925: Encounter with martial arts

At the age of 14, he moved to Northeast ChinaSo Doshin moved to live with his grandfather, who lives in the province.

His grandfather was well versed in kendo, spearmanship, and jiu-jitsu, and this was Doshin So's first experience with martial arts.It was the first time we met.

judo hall pictures

■ 1927: death of family

At the same time, he had a mother and two younger sisters, and was also a martial arts teacher.Grandfather dies.

In particular, the death of his younger sisters struck Doshin So with a strong sense of powerlessness.

So Doshin's family

​■ 1928: Meets old masters of each sect

old days at 17Doshin So, who joined the main army, traveled to mainland China as a special military organization (special military organization).

On the way to visit various places, he met masters of various sects such as Chen Liang Roshi and Buntaiso Roshi, and learned martial arts.













1945 defeat
Doshin So
So Doshin

■Shorinji Kempo Founder So Doshin Career

  • February 1911 (Meiji 44) Sakuto-cho, Sakuto-shi, Okayama Prefecture
    Born in (now Mimasaka City).

  • At the age of 17, he traveled to China and traveled around the continent.

  • During that time, he was fortunate enough to be treated by Buntaiso Roshi, a descendant of the Shorinji Temple of Songshan, and entered its gates to learn various martial arts.

  • After losing the war in northeastern China (Manchuria), he spent a year under Soviet military rule.

  • Witnessing the naked behavior of people in the extreme situation immediately after the defeat, I am convinced that the way of law, military affairs and politics lies in the "quality of people" who become leaders.

  • He decides that the only way to achieve true peace is to raise people with compassion, courage, and a strong sense of justice.

  • Passed away in May 1980.

[Documentary tracing the aspirations of Doshin So, the founder of
Shorinji Kempo]
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