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Those who want to join as a new member


​ First, search for a dojo in your desired area on the web,
Let's get in touch with the head of that dojo!
In addition, depending on the dojo, make a reservation from the homepage
There are places where it is possible to do so.
​ Please search the official website of each dojo once.
Make a call with your smartphone or iPhone


Experience Shorinji Kempo

Go to the dojo on the arranged date and time,Let's listen to the explanation from the manager and actually visit and experience!
Please feel free to ask me anything if you have any doubts.

Let's look at!


Tell your manager that you want to join and receive the necessary documents

Please check the contents together.

Receive documents necessary for joining Shorinji Kempo


Perform the enrollment procedure for Shorinji Kempo on a computer or tablet

Let's go through the procedure on your computer or mobile phone!
*The procedure is described in the document. If you have any questions, please contact your department manager.


At a later date, you will receive the subject list and teaching materials necessary for training.

Also, it will be smoother if you buy the uniform at the same time!

Official Shorinji Kempo doi
Logo of Ozaki Co., Ltd.
​ Official Dogi Sales
Ozaki Co., Ltd.
Receive materials necessary for practicing Shorinji Kempo


Join Shorinji Kempo

It's time to put on the purchased doi

Start your path as a Shorinji Kempo kenshi!

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